General Thoughts

Is rock alive?

Could rock even have a Soul?

Some are convinced of that - and because we frequently found gifts hidden deep inside the raw stone, offered to us only when working into the rock, we decided: these offerings given to us during our work with the stone, we call "the Soul of the Stone".

The Artists

Thomas (Tom) Lange

Born 1960



Etching 2005

Stone sculpting 2012

Xylography 2013

Bronze cast 2017

Wood carving 2018




Independent Artist since 2017

Sabine Köhne-Lange

Born 1959



Academic Studies of fine art (magisterium) 1980-1987

Painting 2001

Etching 2011

Stone sculpting 2012

Xylography 2013

Bronze cast 2017

Wood carving 2018

Exhibitions, Fairs, Public Actions


· "CUX ART 2022", international art fair in Cuxhaven

· "Kunsttage Unkeler Höfe 2022", Henkelpark, Unkel (booked)

· "Kunstspur 2022" artist's studios open for the public in Essen (booked)



· "C.A.R. - Contemporary Art Ruhr", vrepresented through the Online-Gallery "", Zeche Zollverein, Essen



· "C.A.R. - Contemporary Art Ruhr", represented through the Online-Gallery "", Zeche Zollverein, Essen



· "HeimatLos", Exhibition at KiG - Kunst im Gewächshaus e.V. (Art in the Greenhouse), Morbach

  (Sculptures by Stein-Seele, Paintings and Installations by Elena Schmidt )

· "Kunstmeile 2019" ("Art Mile 2019"), Kulturinitiative (Cultural Association) Düsseldorf-Unterbach

· "Aachener Kunstroute 2019", Invitation artist at the  Skulpturenhügel ("Sculpture Mound") Aachen

· "Art Carlsplatz", Düsseldorf

· "Art Brüggen 2019", international Art Fair, Brüggen

· "H2O", exhibition with the artist group "unart", Ballhaus Düsseldorf

· "Art Endingen", International Art Fair, represented  by art gallery Haagmann, Wuppertal

· "art:pu'l 2019" International Art Fair, Eupen, Belgien

· "die 5", Group exhibition at the art gallery Haagmann, Wuppertal

· "HanseArt", International Art Fair, Musik- und Kongresszentrum Lübeck



· "C.A.R. - Contemporary Art Ruhr", International Art Fair, represented at Art gallery Kunst-Focus Ruhr,

   Zeche Zollverein, Essen

· "Projekt Stein-Seele", one-year-exhibition at the  Unperfekthaus, Essen

· "Kunstmeile 2018" ("Art Mile 2018"), Kulturinitiative (Cultural Association) Düsseldorf-Unterbach

· "Art Brüggen 2018", International Art Fair, Brüggen

· "Bildhauen be-greifen", Live-Action with the Unperfekthaus, pedestrian zone Limbecker Platz, Essen

· "Kunst im Park", exhibition with the artist group "unart", Haus Unterbach, Düsseldorf

· "Nacht der Museen 2018" ("Night of the Museum"), represented in the art gallery "Art4Bilk", Düsseldorf



· "Kunstmeile 2017" ("Art Mile 2018"), invitation artist at the Kulturinitiative (Cultural Association)


· "Markt auf dem Weberplatz", Live-Action at the opening ceremony, City council Essen