Current Affairs

The international Art Fair "Contemporary Art Ruhr 2020"  ist zu Ende - and as far as we know everything went well with respect to the virus situation, thanks to the rigid safety- and precaution rules set by the organizer.


This is the place where we want to say "Thank you very much!" to the organization and execution teams who made sure that we (artists and gallery people) as well as all the visitors were provided with the highest possible health security.


Our thanks go to all the visitors too who came in spite of the increased effort. Art and artists are not made for a hidden existence...


All of you, please stay at good health and keep the courage to carry on responsibly.

And - of course - stay fond of Art!


Under the current conditions we are unfortunately not in the position to offer an obligatory workshop schedule. A return to "normal" courses depends entirely on the future development of the health situation.


We will keep you informed about any changes.


In case of further inquiries concerning workshops, please use our contact form.


Thank you very much for your understanding and please stay in good health!

We mourn a dear friend:
Merchers Chiwawa

has unexpectedly passed away 17.02.2020 in Zimbabwe. He got to live only 46 years. An outstanding sculptor and teacher was ripped from our company. Our special compassion goes towards his wife and four children.