Discovering the Soul in the Stone

The Idea

Is stone alive?

May stone even possess a soul?

Some are convinced of that - and in my pieces I have indeed found and uncovered souls.

Using the means of sculpting, I turned their insides out and made visible what was hidden in them for infinite ages.

Never forced though what I believed to see but rather let the stone lead me.

Not swept over hardness and softness using machines but approached by my hands' labour the inner shape of the stone until the final sculpture was unearthed.




"Who wants to step safe, has to walk slowly" was Goethe's warning - his colleague Theodor Fontane however spurred "Success is attached to bravery!"


The possibility to move into a bigger studio with shop-window and direct access to fresh air made letting go Goethe's view and change to Fontane's.


So the studio is now to be found in Dahlhauser Straße 160 in 45279 Essen-Horst, right at the main street from Steele to Bochum-Dahlhausen.


And another good news: here we have enough space to offer workshops so you can make your own "hands-on" experience and search what soul the stone offers to you.


Workshop dates will be published on this website - just pop in again!


Here is a listing of past events

The new studio - a quick peek:

Still a lot to do but the first steps are done. Enough room for 4 work places - and even the cat approved it...